Wike vows to stay and fight for PDP’s democracy


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Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has stated that, contrary to popular belief, he and his Rivers State loyalists will not leave the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), but will instead fight for internal democracy.

Governor Wike stated this during a meeting with party stakeholders from the state’s 319 wards on Thursday at the Banquet Hall of the Government House in Port Harcourt.

He believes that fleeing a fight is a sign of weakness.

The purpose of the meeting was to update party leaders on recent events in the party and to inform them of the Governor’s plan to hold a media chat on Friday to discuss the state of the PDP in the country.

“One thing I have always told people is if anybody is thinking, doing anything to think that we will leave PDP, foul.

“We will do the fight in the party. We are not like them when in 2014 they walked out of Eagle Square.

“They’ve forgotten. They walked out and joined APC. Is it not correct?” Wike said.

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“Did they remain to fight inside the party? But we remained; they ran away. Now, there is a fight in the party, we will not run.

“We will fight it in this party. Those who run away from fights are weak people.

“We will not. So, everybody should know this is the state where we are so that nobody tells you all kinds of stories.”

Wike stated that the planned media conference is to publish his side of the story, which he maintains is the truth, and to expose the bad characters of some people who claim to be national leaders.

According to him, after the chat, it will be up to Nigerians to decide whether such people are still deserving of the standing ovation.

Governor Wike questioned why the PDP, which promises to unite Nigeria, is unable to unite the party.

Governor Wike has stated that, despite the national internal crisis and a pocket of animosity among some ungrateful PDP members in Rivers State, the party will retain all elective positions in the state.

The PDP currently holds all three senatorial seats, 13 House of Representatives seats, 32 state House of Assembly seats, 23 Council chairmanship positions, and 319 councilorship positions.

Wike boasted that he is well ahead of his critics, claiming that he is aware of every plan before it is carried out.

He also warned party members in the state not to act as moles because the party’s strategy for the 2023 elections will have no loopholes.

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