Willow Smith Learns About Sex By Seeing Will And Jada Doing It


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Will Smith’s wife received quite the surprise when her daughter, Willow, told her mom how she first encountered sex.

She walked in by accident on Jada and Will doing it, And Will doesn’t even know yet.


The 46-year-old American actress revealed that her daughter, Willow, shocked her when she asked, ‘Well, what was your first introduction to sex?’” and, to her surprise, Willow answered, “walking in on you and daddy.”


“I was like, ‘When did that happen?!’ Because I had no idea,” the surprised mother said.

“She was like, ‘Oh yeah because I just knew that it was private time, and I wasn’t supposed to be there.’

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“I was like, ‘What did you see?… Oh my God, I need to get this child some therapy,’” she joked.


Smith has yet to tell her husband and she’s devising the perfect plan to finally reveal what happened. “I haven’t told him yet! That’s what’s funny, ’cause I want Will to see this! He’s gonna be like, ‘What?!’ He’s gonna call me and be like, What the hell is going on over there?!”


Jada Pinkett disclosed this at the unveiling of her upcoming Facebook Watch series, Red Table talk.

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