Wizkid vs Linda Ikeji: The Epic Back and Forth Shade Drama


Well…. Batman v Superman was all the rage recently, so naturally like all popular things to come from the west– Nigerians have copied it.

2016 so far has been full of drama on all fronts and it sure looks like it’ll be loaded till the end. As many have called it, 2016 is the year of ‘Call Outs and Clapbacks” as Wizkid Ayo Balogun took to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji’s Instagram page to shade her as concerning an eviction notice story she published (see photo below)



The blogger however did not waste time in replying, shading the Artiste and of course adding salt to the injury as she boldly ‘doubted’ the Artiste’s age and also proceeded to reveal the Porsche owned by the Artiste was a hire-purchased vehicle.

Read the Epic reply below;



Naturally Nigerians have weighed in on one side or the other with all kinds of responses. You can take a look at what they had to say below.






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