Wole Soyinka finally reacts to viral plane seat controversy

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Literary icon, Professor Wole Soyinka has now reacted to the controversial seat exchange thread which has been gaining a lot of traction on the internet since two days ago.

Recall that a man had taken to social media to condemn the acts of Wole Soyinka’s seatmate after he asked the Nobel Laureate to stand up from his window seat aboard an airplane.

While some believed that the young man was not in the position to have claimed his seat, others have been of the opinion that he did nothing wrong.

Now, Soyinka’s response has been aired through Mo Abudu, a media mogul whose fondness of the Literature professor is not hidden.

Wole Soyinka finally reacts to viral plane seat controversy

In her comments, Mo Abudu wrote, “Good morning beautiful people. Its 6.30 am here in Los Angeles. Quite a bit has been said about me making certain comments about the young man that refused to give up his seat for Professor Wole Soyinka.

I will not comment further on this, however, as you all know I LOVE and RESPECT Professor Wole Soyinka dearly. Based on this incident, I did receive an email from Professor Wole Soyinka this morning.”

Read the content of Wole Soyinka’s mail below.

Hallo Mo,
Someone sent me Patrick Tonye’s comment on the plane incident, and I saw your brief comment. It was a very minor thing and I’d forgotten all about it. However, after reading the boy’s response, I became curious.

First, I never exchanged a word with him throughout beyond inviting him to take his allotted seat. Never spoke a word to him after that. Certainly never exchanged contact. So of course, I wonder if it’s the very individual who’s posted this or a total fake.

The phenomenon of stolen identities takes very strange dimensions and has become a source of worry. I wonder if this is one such. Anyway of your finding out. I don’t operate in the social media as you probably recall.


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