Woman Arrested and Charged for Abducting Another Woman’s Husband

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A 55-year-old woman and mother of seven, Oluchukwu Nkwazoma, has been arrested and charged before Isolo Magistrate’s court for hiding a man, Alloy Benson Njoku in her house in Lagos and preventing him from seeing his family.

Oluchukwu was charged with conspiracy and conduct likely to cause breach of public peace under the Criminal Code.

Alloy, who resides at Mushin Road in the same Isolo community, had informed his wife, Chizoba that he was traveling to Abuja for a business transaction and asked her to manage a stipend until he comes back with money.

Unknown to his wife, he had moved into Oluchukwu’s house where he hibernated for several days before the wife ran into him and the other woman on the road.

According to P.M Express, when Chizoba met her husband and Oluchukwu strolling on the street, she immediately raised alarm, accused her husband of betrayal, and asked him to follow her back to their house.

But Oluchukwu stopped him and asked Alloy to rather follow her back to her house.

An embittered Chizoba followed them and continued to protest.

This angered Oluchukwu, who then ordered her grown up children to beat up Chizoba in the presence of her husband who did nothing.

The matter was reported to the police at Aswani division.

The police initially arrested all the parties involved in the matter, but Oluchukwu was later charged to court. She pleaded not guilty.

Both Oluchukwu and Chizoba are from Imo State.

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