Woman bags 10-year jail term for gluing vag*na shut, framing boyfriend


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A lady who glued her vagina shut and tried to frame her boyfriend for it has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Spanish court.

Vanesa Gesto was convicted by a court in the northern Spanish city of Leon for making up a crime.

She had claimed that her boyfriend, 36-year-old Ivan Rico, kidnapped her in front of her apartment, forcefully took her away and squeezed the glue into her private part before releasing her semi-naked.

She said that the incident occurred in October 2016 in the town of Bembimbre, an hour’s drive west of Leon.

Based on Gesto’s allegation, police arrested Rico and he was remanded for several days in detention.

Her lies however began to unravel after police found CCTV footage of Gesto buying the glue and a ‘kidnap kit’, which included some knives, from a Chinese supermarket.

Police said that the lady cut herself with the knives and lied that Rico cut her.

She had also claimed that Rico took her away in a Black car after kidnapping her.

But investigators said that a further examination of the CCTV footage showed that only a waste truck owned by the local council passed the area during the time Gesto claimed to have been kidnapped.

Beside the prison term, the Leon Provincial Court also ordered Gesto to pay her boyfriend €25,000 in damages.

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