Woman Drugs Ex-Lover Then Tattoos Her Face 77 Times All Over His Body


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A woman has been arrested for showing her love in a rather questionable way as she was accused of drugging her former partner then proceeding to tattoo her face all over his body, including his genitals.

The woman, Anna Gibson, 38, from Cincinnati, was accused of drugging her ex the proceeded with the plan to deface his skin with her face.

The victim, Andrew Whitmore, 44, was reported to have woken up soaked in blood and with incredible pain all over his body.

Andrew who woke up in his ex’s apartment noted that his body including his chest, arms, legs, back, posterior and even his genitals was covered in tattos of his ex-girfriend’s face.

He said: “She even tattooed her face on my dick.”

While speaking to reporters, Andrew, who was still in shock said: “I can’t even go pee without seeing her face on my dick and balls.”

“She kept screaming, no one will ever want to sleep with you again. You are mine, mine!!!”

Police reports that the ex-lover bedazzled Andrew’s body with 77 tattoos in total.

Police officers, Elliot Brown and Douglas Thompson of the Cincinnati Police Department confessed that the case was one of a kind as they had never seen an ex so committed to owning a partner like Anna.

However, Andrew did not press charges against the woman as an even more surprising report indicates that they have started dating.

Whitmore while explaining his choice to not press legal charges against his ex said: “Overall, I kind of felt guilty. over the whole deal. I’m the one who cheated on her like forty times and got her hooked on crystal meth and crack cocaine.”

“And now that I’m tattooed with her face all over my body, ass cheeks and genitals, seriously, would anybody else want to hook up with me?”

He continued: “I mean, at the end, a vagina is a vagina, and women are basically all crazy, so why not stick around with her? What worse thing could happen? She could tattoo a swastika on my forehead like Charles Manson or something but I think she’s learned her lesson.”

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