Woman Reveals How Midwife Who Delivered Her Baby Turned Out to Be Her BF’s Sidechick


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A woman who’s identity wasn’t revealed, told an incredible tale of how she found out that the midwife who delivered her baby was actually her Boyfriend’s sidechick.

The Midwife, Joanne Lumsden, was actually the one who spilled the beans. She was a staff member of Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

What happened was that shortly before the birth of the baby, the baby’s father had gone on a ‘Lad’s Holiday’ to the Spanish seaside resort town of Benidorm.

While there he met Ms Lumsden and commenced a relationship with her.

Ms Lumsden now faces ongoing disciplinary action and is no longer employed by the hospital.

The mother of the baby spoke of how her baby’s father started acting strangely after coming back from the trip, missing scans and so on and not even being there when his baby was born in fear that he runs into Ms Lumsden.

The mother said she feels ‘violated’ by what happened and that any happy memories of the birth of her daughter have been tainted.

The mum claims Ms Lumsden later called her and revealed the details of the affair — while she was still under the care of Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Speaking to the Echo, she said; “As a mum who was looking forward to the birth of her last baby, I was subjected to the most horrific ordeal any mother to be could ever imagine.

“I put my utmost trust and confidence into the hands of a midwife who I thought was a medical professional with mine and my daughter’s best interests at heart.”

“As a woman, I am now left with a lifelong memory of the midwife holding my newborn baby in her arms with the knowledge that she was having sexual relations with my baby’s father during my pregnancy and being fully aware that I was under the care of her place of work.”


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