Woman seeks dissolution of marriage over alleged battering


A civil servant, Mrs Bunmi Segbenu,36,  on Wednesday prayed a Court in Badagry, Lagos, to dissolve her eight years marriage with one Festus, over alleged battering.

The mother of two, who lives in Age-Mowo, Badagry, was seeking separation on the grounds of alleged frequent fighting,  beating and treat to life.

Bunmi told the court that Festus married her in 2010 with full dowry paid.

“The fighting and beating started almost immediately after I marries Festus.

“My lord, I can not hear well with my right ear because he slapped me there and my ear drums are broken.

“He has broken my left arm and spoiled my phone,” she said.

She said that her mother has been the one responsible for her feeding and that of her children.

Earlier in the year, she said she lost a son to a strange illness.

“My husband tookd the corpse and buried my son without allowing me to see him.

In his defence , Festus, 42, denied the allegations, saying Bunmi was responsible for the death of their son.

“My lord, I’m from a Egun family in Ajido and our tradition forbids our women to fornicate and use the proceeds of the act to feed my children.

“Bunmi has eaten the forbidden food and the nemesis has caught up with her.

Festus said he was no longer interested in the marriage.

The President of the court,, Mr Shakirudeen Adekola, adjourned the case until Dec 18 for judgment. (NAN)

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