Woman shreds boyfriend’s NYSC, BSc, MSc certificates over alleged cheating – Ali Baba


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Nigeria’s king of stand-up comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome aka Ali Baba has advised women against uncontrolled anger leading to destruction of property.

Ali Baba gave the advice while commenting on a video in which a woman can be seen vandalising a Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) believed to belong to her boyfriend in a fit of rage.

He shared the video on his verified Instagram page on Wednesday.

Ali Baba narrated a similar incident in which his female friend shredded her boyfriend’s NYSC, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree certificates in anger over alleged cheating.

He said that apart from losing her relationship, she was also compelled to pay for the cost of replacing the certificates.

The ace comedian condemned the act, saying women should exercise restraint whenever faced with such situations instead of embarking on a destruction spree.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Ali Baba wrote:

You may have the reason that made you angry. But your anger will only become a problem when you express it by destroying properties. Trust me, unless the person who owns the car doesn’t want to press charges, she will pay till the last strike. She will pay till the last dime
Sometime in 2017, one lady got upset because of a SKYPE video from another lady she believed was chasing her Bobo and she shredded her boyfriend’s documents, that included his NYSC discharge, his Hull University certificate, his INSEAD MBA documents ETC
She was angry.
When the matters cooled down, it was agreed that to solve the issues, she had to foot the bill of getting all the documents.
As my friend, I asked her sometime ago, how she went about it. She said she felt good doing it. That the sound of the shredding machine consoled her. But she had to buy tickets and took care of logistics to help get all the documents she destroyed.
But the most expensive part was that she lost a good man. She agreed she should have handled it better.

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