Woman Wakes up To Find Fox Attacking Her In Bed


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Jodie Nailard, a 22-year-old woman in the UK woke up to the terror of a fox in her bed attacking her.

She managed to scare the creature away but later found she was bleeding from bites in her arm in her Clapham, flat in South West London, on Sunday. The fox had woke her up at around 5.30 am after biting her bicep.

Doctors later told Ms Nailard she had six puncture wounds on her arm.

“My left bicep was throbbing with pain and covered in blood and I wondered what the hell had happened,” she said. “Then I saw a fox at the end of my bed and I just screamed and burst into tears.

“As I sat up, I accidentally kicked it and it jumped off the bed and ran out of the door.”

Where her boyfriend Harry King had to keep it subdued by throwing pillows at it.

Ms Nailard spent two days in hospital where she received a rabies, tetanus and polio injections.

People rarely get attacked by foxes in Britain, so she was surprised by the incident.

Ms Nailard said the animal had walked in through her bedroom’s open patio doors. She added that she was not sure if the animal had targeted her or if it got scared after she moved her arm.

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