5 Workout Exercise Procedures Effective For Everybody


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A lot of health professional say that exercise is good for improving overall health and they are not wrong. However, with the many different options to choose from, picking an exercise can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing. In some cases, people end up choosing wrong and unproductive exercise procedures.

Luckily for us, a list of exercises that can be effective for anyone has been put together below.

  • Push-ups

push up exercise

Due to the working of muscles involved, push-ups can be beneficial for every member of the family. It is a basic and common procedure.

  1. Get in a plank position with your shoulders tight and pulled back.
  2. Bend your elbows and start to lower your body down to the floor and then come back up.
  3. Repeat for as many sets you can withstand.

Alternatively, you can opt for a modified stance where your knees are dropped to the ground. It is equally effective.

  • Squats

Squat exercise

Engaging in squats can significantly increase the strength of your lower body and core. This is one exercise procedure that works with some of the largest muscles in the body and can assist in actively burning calories.

  1. Stand straight with your feet balanced and apart (don’t extend your feet more than necessary)
  2. Maintaining a straight position (chest up, chin up), push your hips backward and bend your knees as if to sit on a chair.
  3. Make sure your stance is not distorted. Drop down until your thighs become parallel to the with your arms stretched out in a comfortable position. Maintain for about 2 seconds and return to starting position.
  • Sit-ups

Sit up exercise

Sit-ups, although tagged ‘basic’ among exercise/ workouts, are key for aiming at abdominal muscles.

  1. Lie with your back on the floor,  knees bent upwards, hands behind your head, and feet flat.
  2. Pressing your feet to the ground, start rolling up from your head and stop when your chest reaches your knee. Make sure not to strain your neck while rolling up.
  3. Return back down to starting point in reverse manner.

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  • Glute bridges

Glute bridge exercise

Actively engaging in glute bridges will effectively work the whole posterior chain of the human body, which can result in a perkier booty for those interested.

  1. Lie with your back to the floor, feet flat and well grounded, arms straight down by the sides with your palms facing down, and your knees bent.
  2. With your upper back and shoulders glued to the ground, push yourself up through your heels and raising your hips off the floor by squeezing your core and hamstrings.
  3. Stay up for 2 seconds and come back down.
  • Lunges

Lunges exercise

Lunges are a particular challenging exercise procedure. They boost functional movement and increase strength in the leg and glute regions.

  1. Stand straight with your feet apart and arms to the sides.
  2. Step forward with your right leg and bend it as you do. Stop when your thigh becomes parallel to the ground and make sure the right knee does not extend past your right foot.
  3. Push back up and return to starting position. Alternate with left leg and repeat procedure.


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