World boxing champion Deontay Wilder Claims Nigerian Heritage


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Deontay Wilder, who currently holds the World Boxing Council heavyweight title has claimed that he is part Nigerian.

The boxing champ said this in a round table discussion with his opponent Tyson Fury against whom he’s to defend his title against.

Wilder was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama United States of America and has never been to Nigeria or even West Africa.

While sitting with Fury, the champ said he was part Nigerian, unfortunately, he didn’t expand and since the line was a throwaway one, we aren’t quite sure how he fits.

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He was set to fight Anthony Joshua, whose heritage we’re all sure of, but it seems the fight has been put on hold for now and the boxer’s biggest concern is the fight against Fury.

You can watch the video below

If/when he does get in the ring with Joshua, we could potentially have a clash between two Nigerian fighters, if his claims are true that is

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  1. Anonymous says

    Wilder took a DNA test and found out he was Nigerian. He posted his results to social media.

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