Worlds Most Expensive Vodka Worth $1.3m Stolen By Masked Man

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In a confident robbery, the world’s most expensive bottle of vodka was picked up by an unknown masked man in Denmark and was caught on camera.

The robber entered Cafe 33 in Copenhagen, a bar which stocks more than 1,200 brands of vodka, and left with a diamond-encrusted bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka on Tuesday.

The owner of cafe 33 Brian Ingberg, stated the bottle was on loan from a wealthy foreign businessman.

Pictures of the theft of the vodka bottle have been posted online by the bar along with a plea for its return.

TV2 the Danish broadcasting station reported that the owner of the bottle is a Leonard Yankelovich, who runs a Latvian car company called Dartz, which is also behind Russo-Baltique vodka.

The value of the bottle of vodka is $1.3m, due to the extravagant 13 pounds of gold and silver the bottle is made of along with a cap studded with diamonds.

The “House of Cards” show has showcased replicas in an episode where Kevin Spacey playing Frank Underwood hosted the Russians for dinner inside the White House.

TV2 have reported that the bottle was not insured.

Yankelovich in an interview said he cannot pay a ransom for the bottle, stating “he does not deal with ‘terrorists.’”

He said the thief probably drank the vodka.

The vodka is not the only expensive brand in the world.

Another company sells $3.7m bottles of “Billionaire Vodka” though it is not clear whether anybody has bought one.

A spokesman for Copenhagen Police has said that they were investigating the theft.


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