Yaba Tech on course to become a University

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The popular Lagos Polytechnic, Yaba College of Technology may soon be upgraded to the status of a University, as the bill to make it a reality has already been passed for its second reading at the Nigerian Senate.

The bill, named City University of Technology, Yaba Bill, was sponsored by a Lagos State Senator, Gbenga Ashafa.

During the last plenary session , the senator moved a motion for its second reading and its approval is an indication that the upgrade is likely to occur soon.

In a bid to convince other senators in attendance about the necessity of the bill, Senator Ashafa mentioned that the institution would be able to achieve its primary objectives when it turns into a university, while its capabilities would get a boost.

Yaba Tech on course to become a University

The senator stated, “Nigeria’s steady march towards education for all in the shortest possible time has taken a giant leap with the introduction of this bill. I am personally excited by the prospect of transforming this polytechnic to a university of technology because it will motivate both the students and the academic staff.

“It will also upgrade the facilities and enhance its capability to achieve its objectives. Similarly, the new university of technology will encourage the advancement of learning and hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring higher and liberal education.”

He then supported his argument with instances where UK polytechnics were converted to Universities and how the move would help the Nigerian Education sector as a whole.

Ashafa argued, “If Nigeria has plans to become one of the world’s leading economies as currently being pursued by the government, we must be ready to adjust and position our educational institutions so that its products are geared for the technological challenges inherent in such projections,” he said.

Other lawmakers corroborated the Senator’s argument and swiftly adopted his motion unanimously.

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