Yomi Fash Lanso: Moji Olaiya’s death has compounded our sorrow

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Nollywood star, Yomi Fash Lanso, has said that the demise of talented actress and friend, Moji Olaiya, has added salt to an already bleeding wound.

Lanso, who featured in the very first movie Olaiya appeared in – Owo Ale, said that her demise had thrown them into more misery especially with the industry yet to fully recover from the deaths of Olumide Bakare and Adesina Adesanya fondly known as Pastor Ajidara, The Saturday Beats section of the PUNCH newspaper reports.

He said, “We were still concluding arrangements for the burial of Pastor Ajidara when the news of Moji’s death hit us. It is like piercing hot iron into an open wound. It came at a time when we have not even recovered from the loss of Olumide Bakare, one of the veterans of our industry.

“I have worked with her for so many years and she is so loving and professional. In fact, I acted with her in the very first movie she appeared, Owo Ale. So, our friendship dates back in time. She was a really nice and wonderful person. Her demise is a big loss to the industry.”

When asked if he agreed with insinuations that the number of deaths that had greeted the Yoruba movie industry in recent times might not be unconnected to some spiritual elements, Lanso refused, maintaining that the events were merely natural.

He said, “I do not agree that there is a spiritual reason behind all these deaths in the industry because there is nobody that would not die. People die every day, but when it happens to prominent people, the society begins to read all sorts of meanings into it. I don’t believe that there is any spiritual connection. Her death is very painful to us; she was a very young woman.”

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