Yorubas Can’t Live as Slaves, Lorded Over By North Under the Guise of One Nigeria – FFK


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A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has lashed out on a coalition of Northern youths over their comments that Yorubas are betrayals and backstabbers.


In a lengthy article, captioned “The Cry of the Almajiri,” Fani-Kayode took time to quote disturbing statistics in the north, adding that the youths should instead focus on remedying the situation instead of hurling insults on Yorubas.


“We may love Nigeria but we are not prepared to sacrifice our liberty on the alter as a sacrifice to her gods and neither are we prepared to be treated like animals or a people that have no history or do not know where they are coming from. The Yoruba culture and race are irresistable and irrepressable,” FFK noted.


“The influence and power of the ancient Yoruba empire and people stretches from South America, the Carribean, West Africa, various parts of western Europe and other parts of the world till today.”

Furthermore, he noted that, “If Nigeria remaining one means that we must live as slaves and serfs whilst the north laud it over us and insult us every day then we say let her break and let us go our separate ways before we kill each other.”

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