You Were Too Loud – Professor Slams Sanusi


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Professor Hassan Saliu, a political analyst from the University of Ilorin has said that the deposed emir of Kano, Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi was too loud in his approach towards talking about the vices in the country, particularly in the North.


According to the professor who spoke with Daily Post, “although, he was not the only one talking about the situation in the country, he was the loudest among the traditional rulers”.


He also said;


“He talks too much, not bearing in mind that he was not the only concerned Nigerian, as an Emir, his fate was in the hand of the governor.


“He was firing from all cylinders, taking on the political establishment without knowing that as an emir, he should be circumspect,” the university teacher added.


“Sanusi should not allow himself to be pushed around by people in taking unnecessary risks, because the dream he has is not being shared by the political gladiators across board.”


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“Sanusi’s announcement as the emir of Kano was shrouded in controversy as a counter announcement was made in the direction of the new Emir Bayero, but the power that be that time suppressed the information because he was seen as having sympathy for the All Progressives Congress, how time flies.”


He then advised the emir to “only try to negotiate his freedom, rather than think of coming back to the throne.”


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