You Won’t Believe How Much Floyd Mayweather’s New ‘Billionaire’ Watch Costs


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Everyone knows Floyd Mayweather likes flashy things, but even then, he surprises us time and time again with his extravagant purchases.

Speaking of time and time again, the boxing champion just bought a timepiece that retails for $18 million (about N6,480,000, 000 Billion)

The Boxer took to Instagram to show off his new purchase which he called the billionaires watch. He captioned his post thus: This my new timepiece, it’s called “The Billionaire Watch”. If you don’t know about it, google Billionaire Watch. That’s $18 Million on the price tag. I bought this watch from the best jeweler in the world, hands down @tadashi1980. He has better prices than any other jeweler that I’ve ever done business with ever and trust me, I’ve bought jewelry from every jeweler in NYC, Vegas, LA, Detroit, Houston and Miami. From here on out I’m only buying from @tadashi1980 fire your jeweler and hire @tadashi1980 Follow his page now.

The Billionaire watch is made of 18-carat white gold, 260 carats of emerald-cut diamonds and individual stones up to three carats.

The boxer only recently bought his teen daughter an unbelievably insane 30-carat diamond ring for her 18th birthday.

The boxer isn’t worried about getting broke though as he’s always been able to invest wisely and that has so far been a huge advantage for him

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