Young Corper Looking For Advice After Falling In Love With Single Mother

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A young corper who has fallen in love with a single mother despite her current status hopes to make her his wife in the future.

However, the woman in question despite his best efforts does not seem to feel the same. She is not yet over her baby daddy.

According to the story which he narrated to, she constantly talks about her ex and it makes him worried despite his efforts to take care of her with his monthly allowance.

“He wrote: Hide my ID… I love this gal despite she had a child for another guy… She profess the same love for me… She never broke up with him either… She just walked away from the relationship with her baby daddy as a result of his infidelity….. I don’t mind making her my wife.. But she never stop talking about him.

“She defer me on every reasonable questions I asked her which I hope to draw my conclusions upon… I have done everything little expenses within my reach as a serving Corp member within the context and outside the context of #19800… Just don’t really know or understand what is going on…”

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