Youths are interested in Nigeria’s political destiny and will set next year’s agenda – Atedo Peterside


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Atedo Peterside, a Nigerian entrepreneur and economist, believes that young Nigerians will set the agenda for the country’s next general elections.

Peterside stated on Friday that with an electorate dominated by young people, one can be certain that their influence will be felt in the election.

“We have an electorate that is now full of young people, the younger ones are the majority.

“From what they have been writing and saying, they understand the issues, they understand better that some people are taking this country for a ride.

“it is a good thing for this country that many young people between the ages of 18 and 35 are now very interested in the political destiny of this country and they will set the agenda between now and the elections in February,” Mr Peterside opined.

Peterside also went on to say that at this point in the country’s history, no one can dupe the people and tell them obvious lies because they’ve been down that road before.

According to him, the fundamental shift that has occurred in the run-up to 2023 is that youths are now highly politically active and cannot wait for the election to begin.

Peterside went on to say that paradigms are shifting in Nigeria’s political landscape, with the major parties losing their grip on the populace.

He stated that yoths are very excited about the elections because they can now participate in changing the tragic situations that exist in the country.

In his opinion, the ideal president for Nigeria in 2023 must be one who is high on energy, quick on his feet, and ready to move to fix what needs fixing.

According to the renowned economist, Nigerians want a president who has the capacity, understands all of the problems, is willing to step on toes, and doesn’t mind becoming unpopular as long as he tends to the needs of the nation and puts the country on the right track.

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