Zahra Buhari: My Hausa is not fluent, I attended schools with White children


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Zahra Buhari Indimi, daughter to President Muhammadu has revealed she is unable to speak Hausa language fluently, to the shock of Nigerians.

Zahra made this revelation at a BBC Hausa event while announcing the winners of a literary competition.

Muhammadu Buhari hails from Daura, a typical Hausa community in Katsina state while Aisha, his wife is a Fulani woman who hails from Adamawa state.

However, when the time came for Zahra to give her speech in Hausa, she confessed she could not speak the language contrary to popular belief, while admitting she and her siblings usually spoke “Engausa” while growing up. Engausa is a colloquial term coined from mixing both English and Hausa languages.

“I’ll make you laugh, Every day my father would correct my Hausa when I converse with him” The mother of one said amid chuckles

According to Zahra, she attended schools with white people’s children and faulted it as the reason she is unable to speak fluent Hausa

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Zahra Buhari Indimi is married to Billionaire Businessman Ahmed Indimi and they both have a son together.

According to Premium Times, the President’s daughter wiole speaking off-air disclosed that she and her siblings are used to communicating in Fulfude, which is the First Lady’s native language.

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