Zamafara Governor threatens to halt electoral activities if INEC refuses to field APC aspirants in the state

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The disagreement between APC and INEC in regards to the upcoming election has continued to linger and the governor of the state, Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar, has now raised the stakes by threatening that election will not hold in the state if INEC insists on not enlisting the party’s candidates when the elections start.

INEC made the decision to snub APC’s candidates in the state as a result of the irregularities that occurred during their primary election. INEC is of the opinion that since the election was full of violence, no viable candidate could have emerged from such.  Besides, the party failed to meet the 7th of October deadline that INEC implemented for the submission of names of political aspirants.

Zamafara Governor threatens to halt electoral activities if INEC refuses to field APC aspirants in the state

While addressing the crowd at APC’s rally at a local government in the state, Abdul’Aziz stated,

“There is no way election will be conducted in Zamfara State without APC candidates, despite Zamfara High Court judgment which confirmed that APC conducted primaries in the state”.

The governor mentioned that the country’s security would be threatened if INEC successfully stops electorates from voting for the APC candidates in the state.

He reiterated, “All our actions are based on Zamfara High Court Order, we are therefore advising INEC to obey the order and include the names of Zamfara APC candidates list submitted to the commission.”

INEC remains firm on its decision to not field any APC representative in Zamfara, even though the party has been able to get a court ruling which declared that the primaries actually held and they could field their preferred candidates.

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