Zamfara Killings: Cardinal Onaiyekan Disagrees With CAN


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The Catholic Bishop of Abuja Arch Diocese, John Onaiyekan, has disagreed with the Christian Association of Nigeria’s (CAN) statement about the recent killings in Zamfara state.

Daniel Kadzai, the Chairman of the youth wing of CAN, had claimed that security operatives may have looked the other way while extremists terrorized innocent Nigerians.

The Catholic Bishop, Mr. Onaiyekan, however disagreed with Mr. Kadzai, stating that he didn’t believe it was true that the federal government was condoning attacks against Christians.

“I think in our country it is important that we condemn violent reaction to religious extremism,” Onaiyekan said on Friday in Abuja, after participating in a discussion on Devolution of Power as a Tool for National Integration.

“If anybody is suggesting that because I have not shouted around too much about this, then its means that I condone it or that I am not a good Christian, I will simply say sorry.”

“I am not aware that the Muslim community supports killing in the name of blasphemy,” Onaiyekan added.

“Our constitution allows us to practice our religion; it allows us to change our religion. If a person was a Muslim and he decides to become a Christian he is free to do that and nobody should molest him. And if anybody does so, that person has committed a crime and should be dealt with.”

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