Why Artistes Favour Nudity In Their Music Videos – Professional Dancer, Beyonce

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A Nigerian professional dancer and choreographer, Elizabeth Joseph, popularly known as ‘Beyonce’ has opened up on the ills of the entertainment industry.

The dancer who has featured in several music videos of top artistes revealed in a recent chat that some of her colleagues have been forced to give away their bodies in exchange for features.

The dancer who is currently recuperating after a fatal motorcycle accident some months ago during the chat with Showtime said: “Yeah, some do it because they are desperate and want to be in all videos; so in that case they sell their body to directors and artistes just to be known.”

She continued: “But you who know what you’ve got won’t be desperate; rather you’ll be focused, prayerful and work hard to achieve your dream as a world super star dancer.

“As a pro dancer that knows what she has, she doesn’t need to sleep with any artiste or director to get jobs because of what you have in you.”

Speaking on nudity in the entertainment world, the dancer said: “Nudity in music videos has caused controversy since the late 1970s, and several explicit videos have either been censored or banned.

“Nudity has gained wider acceptance in music videos, the audience view nudity and sensuality as less objectionable than the depiction of void.

“But in contrast, the flagrant display of nudity is what actually helps to sell the video, contrary to popular opinion that talent, originality and creativity should.”

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