Nigerian Soldiers attack and run down IPOB Members with Trucks

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A video released on You-tube shows chaos as Nigerian Soldiers run down IPOB members with trucks as part of the Operation Python Dance exercise currently ongoing in Abia state.

Some members of the IPOB who spoke in a video monitored by The Herald said “they were “attacked, flogged and thrown into muddy water by over 5000 soldiers that were deployed to the state”.

They claim that they are innocent of any crime.

“They messed us up and killed one of our brothers” a member said.

Several members in the video were seen to be chanting “NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER”.

“This is for the world to be aware of what is going on, we IPOB, we will never retreat nor surrender. It is either we die or they give us Biafra”  a member said.

“No matter the intimidation and harassment from the military forces, it is either they kill us or give us Biafra”

“Nothing would stop Biafra, the World should take note”

Watch the video here:

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