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US Plan B For Afghanistan? Screw Up China

For U.S. imperial strategists, the notorious Afghan graveyard of empires is not

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Turkey, Iran & Pakistan Rapidly Reinforce Border Security To Halt Afghan Refugee Wave

Regional countries near Afghanistan are busy bolstering their border security and sending

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100 Afghan Evacuees Flown To US Flagged For Terrorist Ties

At least 100 Afghan refugees who were set to enter the US

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 ‘I Thank You For Your Bravery, Your Selflessness’- Tyler Perry Writes US Soldiers On Afghanistan Attack

American filmmaker, Tyler Perry has shared an Instagram post addressed to US

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Biden’s Afghan Crisis ‘The Dumbest Move Ever Made In Us History’ – Trump

Former President Donald J. Trump has said that President Joe Biden's intensifying

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: People Hang Onto U.S. Air Force Plane As It Takes Off From Kabul, Bodies Fall Mid-Air

Three persons allegedly held on to a wheel of a US plane

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Beijing In Contact With Afghan Taliban Amid Situation

Chinese foreign spokesperson Hua Chunying on Monday said China was in touch

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Taliban to Free 20 Afghan Security Force Members

The Afghan Taliban on Sunday said the insurgent group would set free

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Taliban to Reduce Violence to Rekindle Afghan Peace Hopes -Pakistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister says the Taliban are ready to reduce violence in

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Afghanistan Helicopter Crash: Two U.S. Service Members killed

Two United States service members were killed in a helicopter crash in

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