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Comedian, I Go Die Defends AY Makun’s Joke Mocking Tboss’ Sexual Assault

Ace Nigerian comedian, I Go Dye has defended his colleague, AY Makun after he was called out by fans over his sensitive joke regarding the Big Brother Naija contestant, Tboss.

AY Makun had made a joke of the sexual assault case against the reality TV show contestant, a case which had led to the disqualification and eviction of Kemen from the competition.

In reaction to the social media backlash suffered by his colleague in the aftermath of the joke which was made during the AY Live show last Sunday, I Go Dye took to his Instagram page to call Nigerians blasting the comedian hypocrites.

He wrote: “The effect of any joke is to evoke laughter which is a practice embraced worldwide. The idea of comedy is to create humour out of tragedy. Our problem in this country is that we act like saints in the eyes of those who still pretend to be saints, I am not saints and not trying to be, the truth is that the only Saints I know is St. Moritz which you can still get the fake.

The jokes on BBNaija Housemates by @aycomedian was just to entertain without any form of malice. So I wonder why we go out to make issues out of none issues when we are bedeviled with various challenges that need attention.”

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