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How Donald Trump Will Make Mexico Pay For The Border Wall

Ever since President -elect, Donald Trump said he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for the wall, there has been not only an outcry over the content of the powerful statement but there has been confusion over its intent.

To keen analytical minds, if America under Donald Trump builds a wall, the fact that Mexico will pay for it is undeniable. Anybody living in the 21st century who is denying or disputing the fact is merely having an argument for vanity sake.

Every year millions of people (not including Mexicans) pay America billions of dollars for the right to immigrate, visit or work in what is collectively believed to be the greatest nation of Earth.

A lot of people who have greatness inside them want to live, work and visit a place that by default is accomodating of greatness.

People that live in places like Nigeria where an incompetent Federal Government is wittingly or inadvertently eradicating the middle class and driving millions into deep poverty over its failure to formulate or implement workable socio-economic policies.

Or people who live in Mexico where the minimum wage is a fraction of a dollar and drug cartels have made the country depressingly violent, ramping up insecurity and surging crime rates.

That is why Donald is certain that every Gonzalez, Vincente or Eduardo will pay for his wall. Its a matter of simple economics. Donald Trump is not keen on making immigration impossible, he knows the importance of immigration to the American state. The President-elect is however keen on documented immigration. Therein lies the answer to the question. So lets assume the cost of the wall is $5 billion.

He can take the money from Congress and build the wall. You can call that seed capital. The IPO happens when he takes the wall public and says to every Mexican who crosses the wall to work or visit that there is a fee for doing so. The tax net grows wider and in no time the wall will bring billions of dollars to the US economy, far eclipsing what it costs to build.

So maybe its about time people stop pretending they do not know who will pay.

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