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From Febuhari to Where Buhari?

President Muhammad Buhari, the leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has become something of a reclusive celebrity over the past few weeks.

Ditching the poor power supplied, ghetto suburbs of Abuja the President has opted for saner climes and cooler digs in London. Those who want a photo opportunity with him must travel to see him and apparently his only actual work now is being visited.

Ironically less than two years after chants and slogans and hashtags with the buzzword ‘Febuhari’, Nigerians love affair with the President is over and his disapproval ratings are at an all-time high. Setting ethnic sentiments aside, President Buhari is one of the most disliked Presidents in the history of the nation due to the biting economic climates that have become synonymous with his tenure.

The naira/dollar rate which has historically been a good economic reference for economic prosperity in the country continues to sink to all time lows. Power supply is epileptic at best, infrastructure continues to deteriorate, human rights violations are at an all-time high, and the corruption war has become a political power play. There are no high marks for Buhari. What remains to be seen is where is Buhari?

Abdullahi writes in from Sokoto.

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