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Media Consultant Tunde Praise Shares Robbery Experience, Advises Road Users

Nigerian Media consultant, Tunde Praise, has taken to social media to share a robbery experience that occurred in Gbagada area of Lagos.

According to Tunde, the robbers who smashed his car’s window stole his laptop and the 20K he hid in the board shed.

“Glory to God. Please read carefully, this will help someone. Not less than forty-five minutes ago I was robbed exactly in Gbagada Expressway by area boys. It was raining heavily and sure there will be traffic, they came close to window told me to wind down and give them money.

I was scared, so many things was running through my mind, what if I rolled down and they pulled out a gun or stab me.

I didn’t roll down. Before I know what was happening they were banging my car and shouting I tried to see if I can move quickly by overtaking the car before me, the traffic was really heavy, sure I can move.

They came to the other side of the window, smashed my glass, took away my laptop and the money I had in the car (I placed that on the down board shed — had like 20k or so there.)

Anyways, I am fine and well. But this is my point. I don’t understand why security agencies will disappear from the road when it’s raining.

Anytime it’s raining there will be traffic and it is sure a perfect time for these boys to rob. The government should please beef up security in Lagos.

Please don’t drive when it is raining. I will not again abeg, especially on that express road. Don’t drive at night and roll down your glass. Don’t drive by the side of the road stay in the middle lane.

It is real, these boys are robbing and hurting people.
Finally fine and well.

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