Single Mother Becomes Richer Than Beyonce, Taylor Swift Combined After Winning Lottery

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A single mother of two has become unexplainably richer than two American singers combined, Beyonce and Taylor Swift after cashing out her lottery winning.

The single mother’s $758.7 million is the largest single win in American lottery history.

Mavis Wanczyk had bet the odds of one-in-292.2 million and after realizing she won the lottery called her work place to tender her resignation.

The 53-year-old woman who worked as a clerical staff in a hospital is from Chicopee, Massachusetts, and found her winnning out during her last shift at the hospital where she had worked for 30 years.

Mavis said about her colleague Rob who asked to check her numbers: “And he’s reading these numbers and I pull mine out and I go ‘hey, I have that …’ and he goes ‘let me see that ticket,’ he goes, ‘you just won.’”

The mother of a 31-year-old daughter and a 26-year-old son revealed that she was so excited she couldn’t drive home.

She said: “I couldn’t do anything so he (Rob) followed me to make sure I made it home safely.”

Speaking on what she’ll do with all the money, she said: “The first thing I want to do is just sit back and relax and I had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true, I wanted to retire in 12 (years) and it came early.

“I’ve called work and told them I will not be coming back. I just want to be me and figure out what I want to do. I’m scared but I’ll be ok.”

The shop owner however collected the sum of $50,000 for selling the winning ticket and is planning to donate the money to charity.

Mavis is left with the choice of cashing out her winnings or taking it in tranches over 30 years.

If she chooses to cash out, she’ll get $480.5 million as wins in America, are taxed.

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