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Tension In Delta As Urhobo, Ijaw People Clash

Yet another clash has occurred between the Ijaw and Urhobo people in Delta State and the recent clash has left at least three people fatally wounded and scores of people missing.

The cause of the clash which occurred in the early hours of the day between the Urhobo people of Aladja and Ijaw of Ogbe-Ijoh communities in Udu and Warri South West local government area of Delta State is yet unknown as at the time of this report.

However, findings reveal that the clash might have been caused by yet another agitation over the boundary dispute that has plagued the communities for decades.

Speaking on the recent clash during a phone conversation with a correspondent of The Nation, Mr Richard Koremene, an Indegene of Ogbe-Ijoh revealed that three of his kinsmen had been butchered.

He added that: “Some Ogbe-Ijoh persons have been injured and tension is very high now and there is concern that the hostility might escalate.”

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