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TROUBLE: Niger Delta Militants Send Strong Message To Yorubaland

Suspected Niger Delta militants who abducted Oba Yushau Oseni have issued a warning to Yorubaland to be prepared for more attacks.

The foremost Yoruba monarch was abducted on Saturday, July 16 in his palace by militants who gained access through the waterways and also shot his wife.

The abductors have reportedly contacted the family of the monarch asking for N500 million in ransom.

Vanguard reports that a palace source who spoke on the condition of anonymity the kidnappers rejected pleas from the family and said Lagos monarchs were rich and could afford the N500 million.

“They (kidnappers) said that they are aware of the dignitaries including the Deputy Governor, Dr. Idiat Adebule who had visited the family and that the dignitaries can afford the ransom Reason for abduction On the reason for his abduction,” the family source said,

They warned that this was just the beginning of their planned attacks in the south-west.

“South-West states should be prepared for more,” they said.

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