Twitter User narrates her ordeal with Uber driver who tried to kidnap her

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Twitter user @Maraflux7 took to her page yesterday to share a horrible experience she claimed she had with an Uber driver in Lagos who almost kidnapped her and a colleague on the 29th of December 2016.

She said while on a trip from Lekki to Egbeda, the driver had told her that he needs to be directed on how to leave Lekki to Lagos mainland. She added that she directed him and later slept off, knowing fully well that her colleague does not sleep in a vehicle.

Amarachi added that she got up to find out that the driver was leading them to Ibadan, and that she saw a sign that said “Goodbye from Ogun”.

She shared her story with her friend, Worship junkie (@BonneTheFirst), who in turn posted it on twitter.

Amarachi also shared the route the taxi service sent to her after the trip.

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