11 Passengers Die When Bus Gets Ensnared In Forest Fire

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In rural Guinea-Bissau when a minibus became trapped in a forest fire 11 passenger’s have perished

The incident occurred on Thursday night, after the overcrowded vehicle left the village of Konkoli, near the capital Bissau, on an 80-kilometre (50-mile) trip to a market in Bissora.

a police official stated:
“The driver tried to go down a track in a forest which was on fire. There was no visibility because of the smoke and fire. The passengers were trapped and died of suffocation.”

Nine bodies have been recovered, and two people who died from injuries, officials stated. Nine of the passengers are currently receiving treatment in hospital.

The toll was confirmed by sources at the local hospital.

Although the cause of the fire is unknown. At this time of the year, farmers in Guinea-Bissau often set fire to harvest stubble to eliminate weeds, and fires have been known to spread from fields to the bush.

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