11-year-old British Youngest Rapist Sentenced


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An 11-year-old boy was reported to have raped his younger sister on February 26 and March 8 this year.

The British youngest rapist now 12 has been convicted by the court and thus sentenced to a 12-month intensive referral order.

The young boy whose name has been withheld for legal reasons has also been added to the sexual offenders’ list for a period of two and a half years following the conviction.

The case started when disturbing images which he took following the assaults were found on his mobile phone of his victim.

The Judge presiding over the case, Diane Baker said: “I know a lot about what has happened in your life and your mum’s life in the past and the difficulties you faced and the confusion you face now about how you wish to lead your life. But what you did was so serious and so damaging to your little sister. She was nine-years-old – she does not understand about those things and you hurt her so seriously that that will last with her for the whole of her life. If you were older, I’m telling you now you would be serving a sentence of detention – that’s like prison. But you were only 11.”

The Judge seeking to help the young boy who has now become British’s youngest rapist said: “Do you promise me that you’re going to work with everybody and this is not going to happen again? How do you feel about going back to school?”

In reply, the 12-year-old boy said: “I’m happy to go back to school and make friends.”

The Judge further added: “I know it must be tough for you not to see your brothers and sisters but that’s going to have to remain until it’s safe.”

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