“17 landlords for one land” – Portable mocks celebrities living fake life

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Streetpop star, Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable has mocked celebrities that take delight in living a fake life.

He spoke during a guest appearance on the latest episode of the Afrobeats podcast with Adesope.

The controversial musician said that many celebrities claim to be landlords when they have only acquired a flat, a move he said is to mislead the public.

Portable, who spoke in Pidgin, said, “Dem go say them build house for Lekki, and you no get the paper. Now, for one land, you go see 17 like landlords. No one plot, two or three plots. Me and you go dey open one door, and say ‘good morning’ and we still be landlord.

“Now, the day wey dem wan demolish or sell the house, who go drop the doument? Who go collect the money? They have been duped.

“Before we blow, e get some artistes wey we dey say ‘God, i wan be like this.’ No dey tell God say you wan be like this, say i want to be like myself. For this industry, e get some wey get money for this industry, and some no get money.”

The Zazu Zeh crooner also claimed that many of his colleagues in the music industry were copying his styles of dancing and dressing.

Portable stated that many of the music videos in the industry were inspired by him aand were only repackaged by others.

He said, “I blow by myself, even my dance blow. All those dance wey dem dey do, na me get am, dem just dey pieces am. Na my network dem dey use for industry now. Go check all the videos for industry now, na my dressing; the big clothes, big shoes, ‘small body, big engine’ na my own.

“If you don blow, anything wey you do, dem go dey repackage am. DEM dey do my style of beat and movement. Even dem don dey copy my bad character.”

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