5 Easy Tips for Single Moms

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We all know life is not a bed of roses but for single moms it throws new challenges each day. How does a single mom make sure that life stays on its course with an additional responsibility of a child? Here are just a few easy tips for single moms to emerge as the true super women that they truly are!

1. Do not compromise on your “me time”

Being a single mom is a strenuous task and carving out the “me time” for yourself is the single most powerful tool that can make you stay afloat and face the challenges head-on! Taking out that time when you can just be yourself with no burden of responsibilities is a great parenting tip that you must indulge in.

2. Develop and expand your social support network

Your immediate family and loyal set of friends are the best support system you can ever have. However, there can be other people from your network who can prove to be a great help when you need a hand in your duties and responsibilities as a single mother. Stay in touch with these people and form a special bond. Creating a community of single moms in your area is also a good idea.

3. Take stock of your financial situation

For both working and non-working single moms, the best tip to sail through difficult times is to be in the know and control of your financial situation. A sufficient reserve of finances cannot just lay the foundation stone of a good future for both you and your child but also ensure that no dream of yours remains unfulfilled.


4. Vent out your feelings

Expressing your anger or grief is supremely essential for your emotional as well as physical well being. Your present status could be owing to several reasons like a failed marriage or death of a spouse. Rest your head on the shoulders of a friend and cry your heart out or dole out your myriad emotions on the canvas of a paper – do anything that calms you down and helps you move on!

5. Weed out the negatives and focus on positives

Easier said than done, but staying away from negativity and being positive even when deluged with troubles is a craft that all single moms need to master. Drive away any pain, remorse or guilt from the past that’s holding you from taking the plunge forward and fill your mind and heart with positivity for the future. Let your child observe your coping strategies and imbibe it for a better tomorrow.

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