5 facts that prove you need to find a tutor for your child

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When parents notice that their child is struggling in a subject or has upcoming exams, they find a tutor to help the child overcome the academic challenges and to ease the stress of examination preparations.

It is normal for children to need extra help. In fact, studies in the UK have shown that at least one out of four children get private tutoring. And the results of private tuition are encouraging. Children who receive private tuition increase their grade points by one and a half points.

Private tutoring is more effective when the child lacks a natural affinity for the subject or has a short attention span. When a child has problems learning in the classroom environment, a private tutor will take the liberty to employ as many teaching techniques as are necessary. Children often perform better when they are exposed to these positive learning experiences.

There are many other reasons why you need to find a private tutor. But here are the top five on my list:


Every educator will tell you that one-to-one instruction is the most effective type of instruction. When the classroom teacher has to control a class of over one dozen unique children, the quality of learning reduces.

While some students are fast enough to learn in any kind of environment, many others struggle to follow lessons, Even when the class size is small, teachers struggle to effectively meet the academic needs of each child.

Moreover, there is only so much a classroom teacher can do. Some children find it too embarrassing to ask questions in class. Sometimes they are scared of being humiliated by the teacher or their peers, and so they withdraw into their shell. But when they are alone with the tutor, they are often free to ask questions and to seek clarifications when they are confused.


Many children want to play all the time and don’t know when to stop. In school, it is possible for a child to be distracted while the teacher is doing his or her best to impart knowledge. They child could come home and also get distracted by house chores, games, the internet, other children. Children who get easily distracted often find themselves lagging behind in school work.

The most effective way to get the child to study without getting distracted is to find a private tutor. With an attentive eye monitoring the child’s academic progress, it is easier to reduce distractions and to get the child to learn new skills and improve in other areas of learning.


When school vacates and the children spend the holidays playing and enjoying themselves, there is the danger that they might forget some of the things they learned when school was in session.

To prevent this, smart parents hire private tutors to help the children renew their knowledge as well as go beyond the syllabus. Most children start the new term equipped with all the knowledge they need to excel in the new class.

Hiring a private tutor is a great way to help the child hone the skills they had acquired during the school year. When the child doesn’t have to struggle to remember new knowledge, learning becomes easier and sweeter for him or her.


We may not like them, but common core standards are unavoidable aspects of modern learning and the grading system. And since we understand how competitive entrance exams are, it is wise to leverage on the expertise of a professional tutor so as to gain and edge.

Most schools fail to adequately prepare students for standardised tests as Common Entrance exams, GCEs, SATs, GREs etc. Excelling in these standardised tests is made easier when you hire a private tutor that possesses a good knowledge of the requirements of common core tests.

Whether you want to excel in these tests, or you want to avoid failure, finding a professional tutor is the best step to take.


If you have a curious child who wants to explore beyond the school curriculum, a private tutor can help to guide the child’s studies. Unlike the regular classroom teacher, the private tutor can branch away from the curriculum and give an expert’s view of any topic the child is interested in.

For instance, if the child is interested in robotics and software engineering, you can hire an artificial intelligence PHD holder to help explore further into the subject. A couple hired me to teach creative writing because their daughters were writing a lot of stories and making illustrations for a book. They wanted a published author to mentor them in the basics and fundamentals of creative writing.

In most cases, formal education classifies concepts into subjects even though most disciplines are intertwined. For instance, you can learn about mathematics without exploring history, philosophy, logic, geography, technical drawing and economics. A tutor can allow lessons to branch away from the curriculum so that other fields are touched upon and appreciated by the child.

If you want to broaden your child’s education, hire a professional tutor.

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