5 Reasons Why Single Ladies Hate Valentine’s Day

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You may think that only single people detest Valentine’s Day, but the truth is, it can fill anyone in a relationship with dread.

Valentine’s day has become an overpriced cliché that holds an immense amount of pressure on couples everywhere.

What gift do I get my boyfriend? What if he doesn’t like it? What if I don’t like what he got me? What if he didn’t get me anything, it’s a whole lot of anxiety for couples.

For single ladies, it’s a whole different story. We just hate Valentine’s day and here are five reasons why

Absence of a Significant Other

Valentine’s day reminds us that we are alone. If the absence of a significant other hasn’t sinked in yet, Val’s day is a nationwide holiday to rub it in our faces.

Friends Flaunt it

All your friends in a relationship get showered with gifts and you have absolutely nothing to flaunt. For any single gal who has ever lived in a hostel, Val’s day is always the most harrowing day of your life, there is chocolate and teddy bears flowing everywhere and you have nothing to showcase.

Valentine Themed Items

Every gift shop or super store has a long display of Valentine themed items and all you can do is window shop because no one will get anything for you and you can’t get anything for anyone except you buy if for yourself and that is super saddening. Even google has a doodle for Valentine’s day.

Its on Sunday this Year

Just when you can deal with the day by staying indoors, Valentine falls on Sunday this year and all churches joined the fad. From the choir to the Pastor, everyone has a touch of red and youths even took it to a whole different level. You can’t just escape your status.

Single = gift-less

Yea right, single means giftless and that is a whole amount of sadness on its own.

Well, just be happy and enjoy your single ride until some sweeps your heart.

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