5 Top Companies to Trade in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria


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We all know Nigeria as one of the major hubs of cryptocurrency for trade and other crypto uses. With investing over $566 billion in crypto and being called the second-largest peer-to-peer trading country in the world; cryptocurrency has undoubtedly brought a whopping digital transformation in Nigeria.

Nigerians have been profoundly drawn to the use of powerful virtual currencies and have finally made their way to bring a huge financial revolution to the country. You might won’t believe it but countless investors in Nigeria have actually risked their assets, money, and other precious items to buy crypto and earn profits from them. 

Today, you can find several success stories of these expert investors who have hardly started their crypto journey a few years back and today hold whopping luxuries in Nigeria. Hence, trying cryptocurrency for once is surely worth the decision and if you’re into it then settle on the best crypto trading company to trade in Nigeria.

Have a look at these helpful options to buy and sell your crypto smoothly. Besides, check on the News spy to get the latest exclusive information about crypto and how to ace it. 


Apparently, Luno is considered as the most common and widely used bitcoin exchange but it is expanding its rule to other cryptocurrencies too. Not only Nigeria but it also has a presence in neighboring countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa. 

It offers free deposits and low withdrawal fees so you don’t consider any second option before you start trading crypto. Moreover, the system Luno uses is extremely safe, easy to operate, and fast with offering only high to infinite limits for exchanges. 

Naira EX

As depicted by the name, Naira EX majorly focuses on the trading of cryptocurrency and then converting it into the national currency of Africa – NAIRA. It also has a huge portion covered by bitcoin trading but NairaEX is trying avenues for other cryptocurrencies too.

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With a safe and profitable Naira exchange, this platform also offers quick speed exchange by its advanced working system. The different payments it offers depending on the type of cryptocurrency you use to make it unique from other trading exchange services. 


Here comes your ideal trading exchange for cryptocurrency that skillfully deals with the critical crypto liquidity and serves you with the best rates to buy or sell your crypto. With that, TradeFada also offers automated withdrawals simply by few clicks on your mobile phone. 

In case you’re searching for a 24/7 trade opportunity then TradeFada is your best friend to help you trade your assets all around the world swiftly. 


You might have come across Quidrax in crypto blogs or newsletters. It is the most effective all-rounder trading exchange that deals with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrency. 

Its seamless trading system ensures your security about your crypto in the safe wallet it is stored in. If you’re a beginner and genuinely planning to invest in crypto, don’t let the golden opportunity of registering with Quidrax go. Also, its courteous, helpful and expert team of custom service providers will be 24/7 at your service.

 Wallet Africa 

Started decades ago, Wallet Africa tops the list as the most experienced, skilled, and helpful trading exchange. It offers amazing financial tools that make your trading and transactions super easy and quick. 

From sending and receiving the money to making payments online; it offers you to do everything from the comfort of your home. It hardly takes three minutes to open an account here and to start the crypto trading journey at extremely low, affordable fees to manage your trading.


These top five crypto trading services in Africa will certainly get all the balls in your court without surfing every little piece of content. Most of these offer a free trial so if you’re unsure then use these tools for a while and then take an informed decision. 


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