5 ways to know boring people

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Just in case you are wondering if you are a boring person, here are some highlights to help you identify the bores in your life and avoid becoming a bore yourself.

Have unbalanced conversations

Boring people cannot do both listening and talking. They are extreme conversationalist, either too much talk and less listening or vice versa.


Not Conversationalist 

Boring people lack the ability to interest others in a conversation because their point is always told with too much details that isn’t relevant. This makes people lose interest.

Can’t make people laugh

Boring people lack the ability to assess an idea or an event from a variety of perspectives and make light of it. In simple terms, they can’t make a joke or take one.

Always does the same thing 

They live the same kind of life day in, day out. There’s no spur of the moment activities, no variety. You’ll probably never catch them doing anything spontaneous.


Nothing new to add

Because there’s no spontaneity, there’s nothing new to add to conversation, people or events. There’s nothing new to learn from people.

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