Here Are The 5 World’s Most Expensive Women Handbags

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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Handbags for women have become more than a fashion accessory but an item which adds statement and luxury to their dressing and it is with this in mind that women have splashed thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions on this fashion accessory.

A recent study conducted revealed that an average woman will purchase not less than 100 handbags in her lifetime.

Here are the 5 world’s most expensive handbags in 2017.

5. Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

Hermes once again surfaces on the list with its $120,000 handbag which was produced as homage to British singer and actress Jane Brikin.

The handbag is crafted from crocodile leather and comes bearing clasps which is decorated with 10-carat white diamonds.

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

This is an exclusively luxury masterpiece from the high level Cleopatra clutch series from the designer valued at a little over $250,000.

The clutch is the only one of the Cleopatra bag produced annually by the designer and is available in color variants.

3. The Chanel “Diamond Forever” Handbag

Chanel comes with the premium feel and design and with this handbag whose worth is estimated at $261,000, it comes out as a classic.

The Diamond forever handbag is made out of fine crocodile leather and bedazzled with 334 diamonds totaling 3.65 carats.

2. The Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka:

Hermes is known for style, class and luxury and it took those three into consideration when making decisions for this bag which is worth a whopping $1.9 million.

The bag was created in collaboration with the iconic Japanese designer, Ginza Tanaka.

The breathtaking result from the collaboration is fashioned out of platinum, an already precious metal and also boasts of 2,000 diamonds in its outer shell.

1. The Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse:

This handbag is estimated to be worth as much as $3.8 million.

The handbag is a certified fashion accessory according to the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive handbag in the world.

It is a professional masterpiece worked on by 10 professional artisans who put in 8,800 hours before the completion of the bag.

It is adorned with 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 4,356 colorless diamonds.

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