50 Cent Explains: The Third Son Hoax

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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American rapper, 50 cent has explained that he doesn’t have a third son afterall, the American Rapper known for his subtly controversial character added that the ‘son’ is a fan whom he has decided to treat like a son.

Speaking in an interview with America’s Hot 96.3, 50 said the young fan, Davian, is not his biological son.

“He’s not my biological son, but I treat him as my son,’ he said.

He added that: “I just met him and it was interesting because the way he looked at me and he’s shaking and crying. [It was] all the things I wish my actual older son would.”

Recall that the rapper bragged about the young boy’s fashion sense and glowing academic records although he had since taken down the posts.

When asked if he felt the same was for his boy of 20 years, Marquise, 50 cent said: “We just don’t have that relationship because when you pray for success you don’t pray for jealousy, envy, or entitlement and those things come along with it,”

He added that: “His mom’s entitlement has been filtered through him, so while he’s a privileged child, he feels deprived. It would be pretty tough to have that now since we haven’t communicated with each other for almost five years now. He’s 20, the support will be over, everything will be over.”

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