7 Secrets of Kissing You Never Knew


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Kissing is by far the most sensual and exciting thing you can do with another person. In a way, a kiss is even more intimate than sex.

When you’re completely engaged with another person’s face — your lips, bodies, and minds connecting — you have the potential to create a moment that’s way more intense than a few mere thrusts of the hips.

Here are 7 Tips to make every kiss unforgettable

Tip #1: Let him initiate.

Most modern men believe in a woman’s right to vote, a woman’s right to choose, and a woman’s right to take control in the bedroom whenever she feels like it. But surprisingly, when it comes to kissing, most of our guys preferred to play things more traditionally.

Tip #2: Keep your eyes wide shut.

If the kiss is worth it, then the eyes are definitely closed, you feel every bit of the sensation when you let your brain focus on your mouth.

Tip #3: Open up and say, “ahhh!”

Everyone would agree that an open-mouthed kiss is usually the most sensual.

Tip #4: Kiss with your hands.

Every good kisser knows that you need to use more than just your mouth to create a make-out session that’s unforgettable.

Tip #5: Get a little kinky.

For adventurous kissers, there are some moves you can make that will completely rock his world. Just beware — not all men are into the same things, so feel him out first.

Tip #6: Drop the balm on him.

Maintenance is key. If you know you’re heading for seven minutes in heaven, make them kissable by prepping with lip balm or gloss.

Tip #7: Choose wisely.

For a kiss to be truly great, there has to be both a physical and a mental connection between the two people.

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