7 Times Nigerian Artists Delighted Us with Hilariously Peculiar Lyrics

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Alright, let’s be real here—Nigerian artists might not always nail it with their lyrics. Sure, they’ve got the groove, perspective, and rhythm down pat, but when it comes to penning profound verses, let’s just say it’s a mixed bag.

Now, some artists are out here trying to change that narrative. Kudos to them! Yet, it’s an uphill battle because, well, their peers are boldly embracing the art of crafting lyrics that are delightfully nonsensical.

So, without further ado, here are some lyrical gems that, honestly, might leave you scratching your head, but the songs themselves? Pure bangers!

1. Tekno—Wash

Tekno’s “Wash” is a musical masterpiece, no doubt. But seriously, what’s with the “if you like Karatey, I’ll teach you mathematics“? Did we miss a step between liking karate and solving equations?

2. Cuppy & Tekno—Green Light

Let’s give it up for Tekno and Cuppy—maybe not for their lyrics, though. In “Green Light,” Tekno drops lines like “Baby whine for the migos, lil Wayne and quef oh.” No comments, but hey, Tekno’s pen game did get an upgrade with his recent album.

3. Burna Boy—Normal

Burna Boy’s “Normal” is, well, normal until you hit the line “Once in a year try dey nack somebody girlfriend.” Is Burna Boy taking relationship advice from Yoruba demons? It’s all in good fun, right?

4. Iyanya—One Side

Iyanya, what’s your game here? Attempting to woo a girl or just proving a point? Lines like “e better make I dey with you cos these olosho don dey cost” might not win hearts, but hey, worth a shot, fellas!

5. Davido—Like Dat

Davido joins the ranks of artists with questionable pen games. “Hossana sussana sutana/Sister life is deeper/ Deeper life is sister” in “Like Dat” is, well, it’s something. We get you, Davido, artistic freedom and all.

6. Psquare—Testimony

Psquare’s “Testimony” has a curious line: “Like the Statue of Liberty, Nobody knows Tomorrow.” What’s the link between Lady Liberty and predicting the future? We’ll let it slide; the song’s decent enough.

7. Shallipopi—Oscroh (Pepperline)

Analyzing Shallipopi’s lyrics in “Oscroh” is like entering a world of absurd child-like rhymes. The song might be a bit mediocre, but the humor, oh, it’s there—even in the song title. Keep the laughs coming, Shallipopi!

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