8 South African Police Officers Face Trial For Killing A Nigerian

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8 South African Police Officers have been arraigned before the Pretoria High Court for killing a Nigerian.

The Police Officers were taken to court on Monday and were charged with murder and torture.

These charges come to light more than two years after Ibrahim Badmus was killed in the Vaal area outside Johannesburg.

According to reports, Badmus, aged 25, was killed in October 2017 during interrogation in a police raid at his home which he shared with some persons.

Badmus was handcuffed, tortured, and suffocated while being questioned by about three policemen at his home.

However, the Court’s session was delayed for over two hours before it started.

One of Badmus flat mates, Steve Lumbwe, had said in an interview that he witnessed the incident that led to Badmus’ death.

Steve said, “I found Omo (the deceased), my tenant on handcuff. There was a plastic where they put paper spray on him. I asked the police ‘why are you doing this to him’? They said he’s a drug dealer, he must take out the drug and I was like ‘no, he doesn’t sell drugs’.

“My tenant was on handcuff and he started calling ‘Steve, I can’t breathe’. I started fighting with them and tried to help the guy but the other one (police officer) took me out as well,”

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This incident occurred a week after another Nigerian was shot dead in Johannesburg over an alleged 300 Rand parking lot debt.





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