9 Neckties and What They Say About You


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All ties were made equal but some are more equal than others.

Sometimes, an appropriate and smashing necktie is all you need to take your look up a notch. What if I told you there was a way to give a spot-on first impression just by wearing the right necktie.

Interesting isn’t it?

So sit back, lose your all-weather, multipurpose necktie as I introduce you to the 9 main types of neckties and what they say about you.

1.Solid Neckties

Classic Solid Necktie

This is the “King of ties”. You can never go wrong with a solid tie. This tie reeks of masculinity and is a must-have for everyman. This is the perfect tie for the corporate look. The tie of corporate sharks and business tycoons. Want to ooze success, dependability and power? This is the tie for you. It comes in different colors but if you’re new to this tie business, test the waters by opting for dark, refined colours; dark blues, dark greens and burgundies are absolutely fabulous. But if you’re feeling a little bold, the high gloss red version which is often called the ‘power tie”, is the tie for you. Now, you can be sure they’d give you the floor at that meeting.

2.Foulard Neckties

Foulard Necktie

Don’t let the ritzy name fool you. Foulard simply refers to the ornate curlicue designs that are symmetrically repeated all through the surface of the tie. Little wonder this tie is sometime called the wallpaper tie. This is a safe way to be a bold dresser without doing anything too risqué. You know, a fine way to make a bold statement while looking “corporate-y. While it is often worn in casual settings, it can easily double as a corporate tie when the background colour is muted and the designs elegant.

3.Plaid or Tartan Neckties

Plaid Necktie

Want to dress down but still look dapper while you’re at it? This is your tie. These ties can be a bit problematic to match and become a hot mess when paired with an outfit that has check-based patterns. They are more appropriate for the business casual look. They go splendidly with sweaters, pull overs and sports jackets. Not appropriate for a strict business look.

4. Sport and Club Neckties

Sports and Club Necktie

Think Foulard neckties with a theme and you have these bad boys. The motif is usually the club’s emblem or crest. Each design is separated by generous amounts of space. This tie is usually worn by men who have exclusive membership at a club. Yes, you thought right. This is a bougie tie. But these days you can get one even if you don’t belong to a specific club (fake it till you make it, people.). These ties can be worn in any formal setting provided the design and background are a bit conservative while the more adventurous patterns should be worn is more relaxed settings.

5. Paisley Neckties

Paisley Necktie

These ties are marked by the motif of swirling designs on their surfaces. The intricate paisley designs are always placed on a solid background. When worn in a casual or relaxed business setting, the wearer is considered a classy but groovy man. On the flip side, wearing one to a strict business or formal outing is all shades of wrong and gauche. Paisley ties are not really a fundamental part of the male wardrobe per se but owning one or two spices things up. Please, for those in the back; never wear this to any formal occasion.

6. Polka Dot Neckties

Classy Polka Dot Necktie

For those of you that are not afraid of moving out of your comfort zone and experimenting, this is the tie for you. But remember, this tie is more appropriate for casual occasions. It can be worn for relaxed business meetings- if the background is not too distracting- but never for strict formal occasions. Also, don’t make them a constant feature in your day-to-day outfit. Nobody likes being known as polka dot tie guy.

7. University Neckties

University Necktie

These colored ties with diagonal stripes that slant downward from left to right are more common in academic circles. Typically, they are made using the school’s official colors. They are awfully versatile as they can easily fit into casual and formal settings. Despite their functionality, these ties are not really necessary unless you are in need of some favor reserved for alumni of a particular school.

8. Regimental Neckties

A Typical Regimental Necktie

These look a lot like the University ties. The only observable difference is that their stripes slant from right to left. Faux regimental ties go well with general-purpose business wear but ties of bona fide regiments should be avoided in order not to ruffle some feathers.

9. Novelty Neckties

Novelty Neckties

These ties with their bright and comical designs are strictly for colorful ceremonies and family outings. That Mickey Mouse necktie that your daughter bought you? Wear it to your family get together; it will put a smile on her face. This tie has no place in a business meeting or any formal situation. Yes, Obi Wan we know it’s your lucky tie but that Star Wars necktie has no place at a business meeting.

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