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Nigeria is one of the fastest developing countries in sub-saharan Africa, and the requirement for information from Nigerians at home and in the diaspora is gargantuan.

The Herald is a digital newspaper and magazine dedicated to providing qualitative reports about Nigeria, and the international community to Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora.

Founded not long after the fuel subsidy protests of 2012, the Herald positioned to provide Nigerians with an unbiased reportage of daily events that touch the minds, and hearts of average Nigerians.

The onset of the knowledge economy has created a need for valuable information in real time and at the touch of a button. Our goal is to fill that gap and keep Nigerians in sync with the pulse of the nation.


Femi Famutimi
Senior Editor

Famutimi Femi is an experienced journalist who has worked with several Nigerian Newspapers. He is also a lawyer by trade.
His hobbies include reading and writing and also loves Renaissance art. he is based in Lagos, Nigeria. He can be reached on 08099522842

John Ogunsemore
Senior Editor
John Ogunsemore is a graduate of Mass Communica‐ tion, with specialisation in Print Journalism, from the University of Lagos. A die-hard Barcelona fan, he is a good swimmer who also enjoys beating his friends at Scrabble. Catfish. He can be reached on 08135948557
Afolabi Ogunde
Chief Editor

Afolabi Ogunde is a former banker with Wall Street experience, a practicing entrepreneur and Chief Editor of the Herald. His interests include justice, fintech, Data Science and Journalism. He can be reached on 08065469182

Deji Akinsete
Deji Akinsete is an experienced investigative journalist with a strong background in forensics. He heads the Nigeria Writers Accord group, an organization poised on promoting press freedom in Nigeria.He can be reached on 08056833421
Chidera Okehi
Chidera Okehi is a journalist, life coach and businesswoman. She is passionate about human rights causes and Press freedom. She is based in Port Harcourt.
Jide Olusola
Senior Sports Correspondent

Jide is a sports correspondent for The Herald Newspaper. He covers reports on various sports like Badminton, football, Tennis, Basketball etc in Nigeria. His based in Lagos. He can be reached on 08060160741.



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